Friday, 6 July 2012

BeneFit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow - a review.

I am just going to (try) write a brief review on this foundation, despite the fact that it has nothing particularly brief about its name! This  foundation has possibly the longest name ever - Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow.
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First of all I really like the packaging, BeneFit really knows how to do fun and kitsch packaging, and this product definitely doesn't disappoint on this front, whilst also being hugely practical. The bottle is clear plastic with a little pump, which means not only can you see how much product is left as you go, it is both hygienic and easy to control how much you pump out. I found with this stuff a little does really go a long way, so the whole bottle should last you a long time! Granted the packing doesn't feel hugely luxurious, but then again I am not sure that is what BeneFit are striving for, but you cannot fault the quality nonetheless and the practicality.

Onto the product itself: I really loved the overall look and finish of this foundation. I tend to prefer a lighter more 'natural' yet radiant finish and this certainly doesn't disappoint. I would say the coverage is medium-sheer, rather than being super light. I had been religiously using a Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid foundation up until the point I stopped to test out he sample I was kindly given by the lady at the BeneFit counter, and relative to that it felt like it offered a bit more coverage, but having said that I do think you do still have relatively good skin in the first place to use this stuff. I would say that this in conjunction with a good concealer to hide a few blemishes would be fine, as it does a very good job of evening out the skin otherwise, but if you have a lot of acne this may not be the one for you.

The product is advertised as oil-free and whilst I do not doubt this, I do suffer from a very oily t-zone and I found that it didn't really hold up that well when compared to my Invisible Fluid foundation by Estee Lauder which gives me a good 5-6 hours before I feel the need to blot, sadly this definitely needing a blot after about 3 hours stuck in the office at my desk. The other negative is that although I do not suffer with acne, my skin is hugely temperamental at times and although I have a good skincare regimen going which means I rarely breakout, this foundation did cause a few dreaded pimples to appear after a few days of consistent use. I am not sure which ingredient or combination of ingredrients was the culprit but something definitely was giving me an issue!

I think this is a really great foundation, and I loved the finish and the fact is has a decent SPF of 25, but I won't be purchasing a full size version due to my breakout, despite it being a fairly minor breakout.  It's important to me that I  use something I know won't cause me any issues; I invest quite a bit of money on skincare to keep my very irritable skin clear so I don't want to undo any of that hard work (and money) by using something that doesn't quite agree with my skin, so for now I will stick firmly with my Invisible Fluid.

If oily skin isn't and issue for you and you don't suffer with breakouts, then this is a really lovely foundation that makes you look radiant and naturally polished.

Have any of you tried the BeneFit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation? 
What did you think?


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