Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Yankee Candles - Tarts & Tart Burner thingy

So, I guess most people have heard of these.. I never had, until very recently when I bought one by accident thinking it was a 'mini' candle. I was then left totally perplexed as to how on earth to burn the little Tart I handn't been able to stop sniffing since I picked it up. After a bit of google-ing I had become fully educated in the art of the tart: you need a burning apparatus to be able to extract the scent from these little things.

On a trip to Sainsbury's, a day or so later, to do my usual food shop I managed to find a plain white, very dull looking, burner to use with my tart. Priced at a whopping £4.50 my husband thought I had gone a bit bonkers, but then again he thinks scented candles etc. are just a waste of money and space, until I light one and he comes home and goes, 'Oh something smells really lovely!'.

This burner did the job, but other than that I wasn't very impressed with it:

1) if I don't use a tea light/small candle in a little dish also then it just leaks out the sides and gets all over the place
2) it is seriously dull looking

Enter my new Tart burner that should resolve the above two issues:

Isn't it pretty!?! 

The lip on the edge looks like it is just about high enough to contain the melted wax from the candle I use.. we shall see....

Of course I took the opportunity to order a few more Tarts to try when I ordered the Tart burner online!

The scents I got were: 
4 x soft blanket
1 x fluffy towels
1 x baby powder

I ordered this burner from a company called TJ Reiki on Sunday afternoon for £14.99 and it arrived on Tuesday morning. Granted it is a bit more expensive than the Sainsbury's option, but I just think it's also a whole lot prettier too!

Have you tried any Yankee Candle Tarts? What do you think of them?



Monday, 20 August 2012

Cobalt blue: Zara Haul.

Cobalt blue is everywhere at the moment and I am loving this bright hue for winter.

I have found a couple of  LOVELY pieces that I have been wearing both at work and casually also, and of course they are from the amazing shop that is Zara.

Firstly I love this lovely structured blazer which is part of their TRF range:

I really like pairing this blazer with a black vest and black pencil skirt to look really sharp and smart for work. I have also been pairing it with these two shirts I picked up from Zara recently also:

I don't own either of these, yet, but I think they would be great additions to my wardrobe too!

Will you be adding a dash of cobalt blue to your wardrobe?



Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lust Haves #1

As the title of this post suggest, these are a few items I have been lusting after lately :0) Unsurprisingly, given the dismal weather we have had this summer so far in the UK I am thinking only of winter wardrobes now!

This absolutely incredible shopper bag from Zara - (Image & product found here!)

This gorgeous leather jacket from Warehouse - (Image & product found here!)

This lovely looking cosy jumper from Topshop -(Image & product found here!)

This delicious Roberto Cavalli fragrance. I have been hankering after since I sniffed the advert page for it in one of my monthly glossy magazines - (Image & product found here!)

And finally if its not too much to ask I would love to go back to here and escape the awful summer in London...

Pousada Casas Brancas, Buzios, RJ, Brazil - (Image from here!)