Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Watches, watches, watches

So about 3 or 4 months ago I broke my beloved Michael Kors watch... I had this one, the 'Jet Set':

I really, really loved my watch and have finally decided it is high time I sought a replacement to adorn my naked wrist. I have had this particular watch since 2008/2009 so it's lasted me fairly well considering how clumsy I am!

I have decided to go for a two-tone watch this time around, so that it helps tie in all the jewellery that I wear, which is often a mix of both yellow gold and white gold... or sometimes just white gold or sometimes all yellow gold... Basically I want it to complement everything and anything that I may possibly decide to use. I have short listed a few options and wanted to find out what your thoughts were?

Currently my favourite is this one below, the 'Camille' watch:

Closely followed by the 'Bradshaw', although this one is really a joint 1st place:

And the 'Ritz' two tone option is also rather fetching:

Then there are a couple of other beauties to throw into the mix: 
the 'Large Layton' and the 'Ritz' that is triple tone - it combines silver, gold and rose gold: 

I am guessing mixed metals must be making some kind of a comeback as I didn't expect to be overwhelmed by so many options from Michael Kors!

Which one do you like the best? 
I have to admit the more I look at them the more confused I get as to which one I should go for!



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