Thursday, 12 July 2012

BeneFit Blush Wars: Hervana Vs Coralista

So I noticed whilst looking at my stats that a ton of people seem to reach my blog by searching 'Hervana vs Coralista' on Google. Now I am glad that they stumbled upon my little blog, but at the same time I think that they probably didn't get the information they were after! So I have decided to sort that shizz out for you all and do a post that basically answers the Hervana vs Coralista debacle!

First up Hervana:

Now this is probably my favourite blush of all (not that I am some kind of blush queen or anything, quite the contrary). I love the way it looks in the pan with all those different complimenting colours, some matte and some every so slightly shimmery.

Hervana is a really lovely, natural looking and quite matte blush; it imparts a nice soft colour that makes you look more healthy and radiant. The idea behind most blushes is that they promotes that 'flush of youth', that we naturally presume as an indicator of good health, and this one really does just that.

It's a really nice blush, probably more suited to fairer skin tones, although I haven't seen what it would look like on a darker skinned lady so I may be mistaken. It's understated, but not underwhelming. It's one that I am happy to apply on a daily basis without fear of looking too made up. However, if I want to really emphasize my cheeks then you can build this colour up gradually to get a more full on, check out these cheeks effect should you wish.


My this is one scary looking blush when you see it in the box - bright and what looks like just too much shimmer. Yes, it is bright, but it applies quite sheer so you can steadily build up the colour to your desired level, or you can just go all out with a massive brush and a heavy hand to have a nice pop of beautiful colour on your cheeks; and even then it't not that full on.

In fact if you look very closely you will see that the Coralista colour is incorporated in the Hervana: the shimmery coral colour next to the lightest pink swirl in the Hervana (pic 2 for Hervana). And when you look at the swatches side by side, the colour difference is quite subtle and the main difference is that one is quite matte, the Hervana, and Coralista is more shimmery and slightly my peachy.

As you can see, neither is actually that scary once you apply it (and both have been swatched heavily, just  f.y.i.) They are both very nice pink-toned blushes which have quite a nice natural effect overall. Without a doubt Coralista is a bit brighter in not just colour but finish, due to the shimmer, but its not an obnoxious shimmer just more of a sheen, similar to what you would get with a MAC satin finish eye shadow for example. Here's another more zoomed in picture of the swatches:

If you are torn between which one to get, then I would probably recommend the Hervana over the Coralista, but only because the colour is matte and slightly more subtle, which makes it a more useful blush  that can be worn easily everyday and leave you looking naturally flushed and healthy. However, I do really like wearing them both, so you should just get both!!! :0) 

Well, I hope that has helped all those of you who kept stumbling on my blog looking for a good comparison of both of these gorgeous blushes!

So which one will you chose?



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