Monday, 9 July 2012

Haul! Zara, Monsoon (?!) and more...

So I have basically broken my spending ban...oops! But then again I am always on some kind of spending ban... and I didn't go that crazy and I only picked up 4 items all together... so I am pretty pleased with myself about that if I am honest.

Of course I had to get something in Zara, and the piece that I picked up was a shirt, of course. I am obsessed with shirts from Zara at the moment. This time the shirt is a bit more 'crazy' for me though, whilst still sticking to my overall understated, ahem *boring* style...and I love it. In fact when I wear it I feel like I ought to be on the set of the recently relaunched Dallas. Yee-Ha!

Zara Link - Here!

I also picked up a pretty adventurous blazer too! In fact not sure what has happened to make me so bold of late with my choices... again, this is pretty tame but if you knew me you would definitely be thinking 'Blimey, are you all right Jana!?!' I am totally obsessed with blazers to the point that my husband has specifically asked me to stop buying blazers as I am running out of hanging space, but I love them. They are so useful and can completely change up a really basic outfit. I found this one in a 50% off sale!

The blazer is by Moschino. (similar here)

I have searched high and low for a link but cannot find the exact one anywhere.You may also notice that I am wearing my ColorBlockShop necklace that I mentioned in this post. I absolutely adore this necklace, and have worn it to death! Love it! I get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it too, which is a nice little added bonus! I am also just wearing a plain white vest from Zara, obviously, which is this one.

Last but by no means least I found these little gems in Monsoon. I am not sure why I went in there as I never do, but I was on a mission to find a body so went anywhere and everywhere on my hunt...I ended up not finding a body however....

No idea what is going on with the red rash I appear to have in the picture, odd as I didn't notice one in real life! And sadly the necklace isn't on the site so I am guessing it it sold out.

What do you think? What purchases have you done recently?



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