Monday, 16 July 2012

Products I cannot live without.

OK, so the title may be a bit overly dramatic, but I thought I would short-list a few of the products I have been using consistently over the past 6 months or longer at least, and that I honestly do not think I could do without.

 Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser & Bioglycolic Bioclear cream

I use a whole range of products from Jan Marini and I am really torn between whether to say Bioglycolic  Bioclear Cream or just the Bioglycolic cleanser. The fact is that both these products have done wonders for my skin, and whilst I hate to be without the Bioglycolic cleanser for a prolonged period, there have been occasions where it has run out before my next order has arrived and I can just about manage to go a few days without any pimples deciding to rear their ugly head... so long as I have the Bioglycolic Bioclear cream.  If I do not have the Bioglycolic Bioclear cream to help to gently exfoliate my skin, then it all starts to go a bit wrong; dullness starts to set in again and then spots start to slowly re-appear.

The clarity of my skin since I have been using this stuff, which has been for over 6 months now, is just incredible. I have just started on my second little pot and I honestly don't think I could ever be without it. Yes, it is expensive at around approximately £50 for 28g, but it has lasted me best part of 6 months and you only need to use a teeny-tiny amount. I order mine from The Cosmetic Practice and every once in a while they do some great sales, so I keep my eyes peeled for their Jan Marini offers! I often forego foundation in all its forms on a daily basis now, opting only to use it for a more special occasion, and I get no end of compliments to how good my skin looks. Only word of warning is that these products do contain acids! So please do get professional advice before using it and don't be shocked if you feel a bit 'tingly' when you first use it, this is normal - the acid is doing its job!!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
I used to use this religiously. My mum has used it for god knows how long (and has incredibly skin at 60 yrs old by the way) and when I hit around 16/17 she bought me some and told me to never stop taking care of my skin - she believes in wrinkle prevention rather than trying to treat something when it has already manifest itself. 

Now, I honestly do not know why I stopped using this stuff. I just decided randomly to stop, probably because I took it for granted and didn't think it was doing anything any more... well I am an idiot for doing that. My skin just started looking less plump and I was noticing all these fine lines starting to crop up (probably not noticeable to anyone but me, armed with my 10x magnifying mirror - I can assure you they were there!). 

I decided it was high time I re-investigate getting myself a decent serum when I realised I still had best part of a full bottle of the Advanced Night Repair. I didn't want to be wasteful, so promised myself I would use it all up before I bought anything new. Well, I won't be buying anything 'new' once this is finished (which it is now getting closed to being) because it's bloody marvellous. Skin all soft focused looking and plump? Check! Skin all nice and smooth and hydrated? Check! Skin spot and irritation free? Check! So there you go. I was a total idiot for not using this stuff and will not stray again, ever!

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

This stuff is liquid gold as far as I am concerned. My hair is quite weak and fine, couple that with constant highlights and years of abusing the straighteners and my hair has ended up one giant frizz ball mess; well that was the case until I discovered this stuff. Every time I wash my hair I apply it liberally throughout my damp hair before either air drying or blow drying. The final result is much softer, sleeker, more manageable hair. I am now half way through my 4th bottle and never foresee giving this stuff up. It has made such a difference. I tend to order mine from Feel Unique.


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