Saturday, 2 June 2012

BeneFit Haul: Coralista and Hoola :0)

I don't think I have bought anything from BeneFit for quite a while...I did go crazy for some of the their smudge proof shadow liners in 2010 and earlier this year I acquired the first blush that I have ever owned that I actually use, the Hervana. It is amazing by the way. Other than that I have not really used anything BeneFit much since I was in high school, I think... and that was a REALLY long time ago now... sob.

After the success of the Hervana blush, which by the way I do genuinely wear every single day, I decided to go back to BeneFit and see what else took my fancy.

After looking at lots of swatches on-line and reading almost every review on MakeupAlley, I decided to plump for the Coralista blush. 

I don't know why I used to be so scared of blushes, and I also don't know why I never tried this one given its been around for a long time. It's probably because its quite a scary looking blush for the uninitiated.

The colour in the pan is really quite bright and for someone who is still relatively a blush 'virgin' it appears to be quite scarily bright. 

Despite this I took the plunge and I was even quite liberal with my first application. I found that the colour pay-off was still quite sheer, in spite of how vivid it is in the pan and really flattering. Highly recommend this one. I am in love. Yes, this does have a bit of 'sparkle' which I don't mind as I like the glowing look, but if you are into a matte finish then this may not be for you :0)

(quite a 'heavy' swatch)

Last weekend I smashed the bronzer I had been using adoringly for over the past year, the Clarins Mosaique bronzer (which was a huge limited edition one, I think,... and it lasted me, literally, yonks -I got it in May last year, I think ). I had obviously hit pan on this one, but it would have lasted me a good 4/5 months still I reckon. Then I dropped it (not for the first time), but this time it was beyond saving.

I destroyed what has been my only go-to bronzer whilst getting ready to go out for dinner so I wasn't best pleased that I then had to rummage through my stash to find something to use, which I recently completely streamlined (ie got rid of things that I had been hoarding for years) which is when I stumbled upon my old BeneFit Hoola bronzer.  From the first swirl of my brush over my forehead it was instant love. WHY? WHY? WHY did I stop using this stuff? It's amazing and the most natural looking 'olive' bronze tone I have found. I mean I loved my Clarins one, but even that one was a bit orange at times if I was a bit heavy handed.

My old Hoola bronzer was looking very tatty to say the least and totally smashed up and icky. So, obviously, I had to go and get a new one.

 Here it is, in all its beautiful glory. 

And even better, it comes with the magnetic flip lip cover with a mirror inside, which I much prefer to the old style. I will still finish up my old Hoola, I am determined not to be wasteful, BUT I just couldn't resist making sure I had my back-up ready for when the old one runs out,
which should be any day now.

BeneFit also managed to score brownie points as they offered me a very generous 5 ml sample of their Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation (HFOW). Is that a mouthful or what?! I can't say that I was in the market for a new foundation, as I love my Invisible Fluid foundation from Estee Lauder (its amazing). But if its free, I am going to try it, and I'll make sure I let you know how I got on with it.

Have you hauled at BeneFit lately?



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