Friday, 27 April 2012

Zara haul, euro-style.

I spent a few days in Valencia last week to visit my baby sister and soak up some sun for a few days as the weather in the UK has been absolutely dismal.

One of the few shops I make a point of stopping in is Zara. I know sounds ridiculous as we have Zara in abundance in London, but its just cheaper in Spain and they have more stuff, and stuff that hasnt hit our shores yet!

Here are a few pieces I picked up that I am LOVING right now :

Gorgeous 'lace' turquoise skirt - link!

I have been wanting a nice simple and clean white blazer for a while so got this...

and because I am obsessed with this colour I had to get this one too.
They don't have this colour online yet, but here is a to the white one - link!

Aztec print t-shirt - link!
 They don't have this one on the Spanish site, but I think I paid about 15Eur more or less.

I genuinely could have gone crazy but I had to act with some restraint. So much amazing stuff in there at the moment. If I did a post of all the stuff I wanted to buy this post would be ridiculously long so I'll refrain myself. :)

Another shop I discovered while there that they don't have in the UK (to my knowledge) is Utuerque. I believe it is owned by the same people that own Zara (don't quote me on that as I'm not sure) and they had some great stuff there, albeit slightly more expensive.


 I fell in love with these flats and am totally kicking myself for not getting them. I am tempted to order online, but annoyed as they were 69Eur in Spain and would be £79 plus shipping to UK. Oh well. On a brighter note, I did manage to find lots of gorgeous shoes....but I'll save those for another post :)

Have you hauled at Zara recently?



  1. I love that turquoise lace skirt--SO pretty!

  2. They also have it in cream, which is just as pretty :)

  3. ahhh I felt in love with these orange flats!!

    can u check out my new blog? maybe you don't mind following each other xx