Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jewellery window shopping - ASOS

From time to time I like to kill some time by having a good old browse through beloved sites such as and creating a wishlist of items I'd love to splurge on.

Here's a few of the pieces that I have spied recently and would love to treat myself too...well, when I have some spare £ £ £! :)

Shourouk Iconic Necklace - link!

Shourouk Leitmotiv Yildiz Necklace - link!

ASOS Articulated Coloured Triangle Collar Necklace - link!

ASOS Premium Chainmail Mesh Tube Necklace - link!

ASOS Skull & Dipped Spike Collar Necklace - link!

ASOS Chunky Link Chain Bracelet - link!

ASOS Multi Arrow Spike Necklace- link!

There is so much on there at the moment!

What's on your wishlist?

 Happy ASOS-ing everyone! :)


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