Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dream rooms...

The husband and I are furiously saving every penny we have in the hopes of being able to buy our very first home together rather than having to 'waste' our money renting. With the housing market as it is and the shortage of good mortgage offers (you need a heft deposit nowadays in London to be in with a chance of anything) its not going to be easy!

Regardless of the reality that we are still some ways off being able to buy our first home, I still can't help spending my days browsing for furniture,soft furnishings, and interior design inspiration.

As you will see there is a definite theme with my taste in interior decor, namely white and neutral :)

Here are a few of my favourite finds :)

Beautifully neutral and calming entrance hallway.

I want this wardrobe SO badly!!!

The perfect living room!

Maybe for my lobby?
 (as if I'll have one of these, but its lovely nonethe less)
 Love the cushions on the far wall!

I guess you definitely get the idea that I love white and soft neutrals.

What would your dream home look like?



  1. Such great picks! Love the beauty of neutrals! Thanks for following my blog! XO!

  2. Its my pleasure! I thoroughly enjoy reading it :) x

  3. I know its amazing isnt it! Would love all the clothes to come with it too :)